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Lose Weight and Keep it Off For Good in just 10 Days! 

Want to fit into that smaller dress size? 

Turn heads like you did back in those high school days?

Think you lost that "it factor" for good... along with your slim figure?

Think again...

Getting older does NOT mean you have to put on extra weight and surrender to gravity! 

Melt Fat the Natural Way with Juicing Survivor.

The secret to fast and natural weight loss... without B.S. diets, potions and pills. 

If you want to jumpstart your weightloss and make it stick... without needing to diet ever again...  

Then we invite you to toss aside your fork and treat your body to an all-inclusive (and totally fun) at-home spa experience with Juicing Survivor 10-day Fat Loss Flush.

Bestselling authors Steve Prussack and Mark Reinfeld developed Juicing Survivor's revolutionary weight loss system, based on our combined 50 years of experience and it has already transformed thousands of people, just like you.  

We guide you start to finish and give you everything you need for success. We let you in on the secrets for regaining your figure at any age!  


Here's what they don't want you to know... Diet Plans Don't Work!

It's no secret that diets fail every time...  

“Diets” don’t clean you out - or build you up healthy - on the inside. “Diets” don’t help rid you of food addictions or put you on a sustainable path.  

 "Diets" require you to starve off the fat. You lose some fat, but hold on to years of toxic junk…the stuff responsible for your stubborn cravings.

Real people. Real results. This is for you... because you don't fall for those gimmicks and schemes. 

Juicing Survivor targets your body to flush harmful toxins from your body.  

Pounds of toxins that have built up for years….  

Toxic culprits that are inside your body right now, slowing you down and keeping you from losing your food addictions, your health issues, and that belly….  

 Our fat-flush system helps you do what nothing else can: Build your rightly-deserved slim, body the right way.  

Nothing else can do this for you like the Juicing Survivor System.  


Dr. Thomas Lodi

Time to Bust those Juicing Myths!

It's easier to come up with excuses about why you can't juice to lose weight than to actually do it. So let us address some of the major “excuses” that may be holding you back: 

MYTH 1: Juicing Isn't For Me  

Ignore EVERYTHING you might have heard about fasting, juicing or cleansing. Like, "I’ll starve," or "It’s for granola crunching hippies”…  

Many people have these limiting beliefs at first too. But it turns out these "facts" are completely in REVERSE…  

Our bodies are actually starving for nourishment on a daily basis. Let’s face it... your normal diet isn’t perfect… 

Full of processed, fried and junk foods, you are actually - right now - starving for nutrition…  

With Juicing Survivor, your body will be flooded with more nutrition than it’s ever enjoyed. Not only will you slim down fast, but you’ll gain a vibrancy you haven’t seen in years…  

And BTW, we’ve worked with a Hollywood celebrity or two - So juicing has clearly gone beyond the hippie crowd.

Green Juice

MYTH 2: Anything Green is Gross

Yep, most people think that one too. But you’ll be surprised to learn that fresh juices can be anything from sweet like candy...  

to spicy...  

to mouthwateringly savory...  

Juicing Survivor includes dozens of recipes of every flavor combination to please the most discerning foodie.

MYTH 2: Juice "Cleanses" Don't Really Work 

We’ve all heard about some “friend of a friend” who tried a free “juice cleanse” on the internet (or maybe you have as well)  

… Only to gain all that lost weight back…and then some… That certainly doesn’t get you off of that yo-yo diet rollercoaster…  

Well, remember…you get what you pay for…  

Juicing Survivor isn’t just a juice “cleanse”…it’s a proven body transformation system…  

We include the tools we’ve successfully used on thousands of people to make sure you lose the weight the RIGHT way…  

Our transformation system will gently guide your body into and out of detoxification and keep you losing weight well after the 10-day “cleanse” is done…  

The weight doesn’t just come off – it STAYS off. We feel so confident in our proven system that we are offering a full refund if you aren’t happy with your results..


Juicing Survivor is For You If... 

  • You are ready to reclaim your childlike energy to live your life to the fullest.  
  • You want to boost your productivity and succeed in balancing your busy life.  
  • You've seen the recent healthy slim downs of celebrities like Beyoncé and want that for yourself!  
  • You're tired of going it alone and want to supercharge your health in a fun way as part of a tribe!  
  • You want to KEEP your youthful figure and get off the yo-yo diet rollercoaster FOR GOOD.  
  • You are at high risk for, or already battling, disease – like diabetes, obesity, heart disease or cancer.  
  • You've tried a free "fast," "cleanse," or "reboot" on the internet but gained all the weight back, and now want to do it the right way.

Full Disclosure: The Juicing Survivor 10-Day Transformation System is NOT for you if you are just looking to squeeze into a hot black dress for your upcoming reunion but not keep your youthful figure for life.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan
Juicing Bonuses

Plus mouth-watering transition recipes like:


From the authors and founders of:

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Juicing Survivor

Enroll Today and Get:

  • Juicing Survivor Essential Tools - Our full color course manual, daily workbook, shopping list collection, Superfood guide and transition/ smoothie/ juicing recipes.  
  • Video Modules and Tutorials- We support you every step of the way with videos, audios and PDFs to guide you through the transformational journey. Bonus workshops are ongoing, even after the program ends!  
  • Handy Calendar and Cheat Sheet- Our Juicing Survivor calendar and cheat sheet are designed to help you easily follow the program to stay on track. These "tape to the fridge" break down the program in an easy way so you won't need to be online to figure it all out.  
  • Juice Guru Support- Connect with us in our community private group and get all your questions answered throughout the program. We support you every step of the way and you'll be part of the tribe. and if you are not fully satisfied with this program, we will return 100% of your money, no questions asked.  

and if you are not fully satisfied with this program, we will return 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

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